About Me

David SernaHi, my name is David Serna, an internet marketing entrepreneur fascinated with the business aspect of the web and specially with the way the internet can help small businesses market themselves.

Born in Spain in 1977 I came to study to San Francisco State University as part of an exchange program. I graduated from a BA in Business Administration and pursued an MBA in E-Marketing shortly after at Golden Gate University.

I have founded and co-founded many different types of businesses, from a bicycle shop in the San Francisco Bay Area to a Junk Removal Business in San Diego to many online only ventures. I also worked in the Silicon Valley as a Sr. Web Consultant.

Since 2007 I am the founder and CEO of SD internet Marketing, a full service internet marketing agency with offices in San Diego and Tijuana. I am also involved in IncentiBuzz, a new web app that will help small businesses build buzz online.

In the personal side, I love camping with the loves of my life (my wife Maria and my 2 daughters Isabella and Alexa) and visiting all of my family in Spain when I get a chance.